Slone Gear International develops, distributes, and represents Best-in-Class gear-related products including spline gages and master gears, solutions, and services.

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Master Gear and Spline Gage Production and Measurement Equipment

Sourcing of Gear and Spline Component Parts

Master Gear and Spline Gage Training Classes

Production Solutions

Our solutions for master gear and spline gage manufacturing applications include onboard machine tool monitoring for broach machines, hobbing machines, shaping machines and general machine tool applications. This sensor-less technology can predict tool life and can respond immediately to tool breakage.

Measurement Solutions

We provide solutions for master gear and spline gage inspection measurement including variable & go/no-go spline gages, master gears and artifacts, spline arbors, hydraulic chucks and arbors, roundness machines, manual and fully automatic double flank roll testers, and dimension over pin gages. We can design and build custom spline gages, master gears and metrology systems for inspection measurement challenges in the microns.

Services and Support

Slone Gear offers sourcing for gears and splined components along with custom fabrications and machined components. We also offer gear and spline training courses. We will come to your plant to troubleshoot gearbox design and manufacturing issues and design complete gear boxes. We offer coating services to reduce friction or wear in severe and variable environments for both components, master gears and spline gages.